Love in Cherokee County

A look at past proclamations of love

There are many ways to say 'I love you.' Whether it's your best friend, partner, parent, or sibling, don't forget to cherish all of your loved ones this Valentine's Day with a proclamation of love!

From cards to weddings, take a look at some past moments of love in Cherokee County to get some inspiration.

Valentine card to Louise Land From Mattie Rhodes, 1937

"Valentine don't come but one time a year, 

So I think we have had our share, 

When you get old and cannot see put on your specks and think of me,

Will you have me for your Valentine

Mattie Rhodes"

Helen and Pebble Stone's wedding photo, exact date unknown

Valentine card from Louise Land to Mother, late 1930s.

"I send this with my dearest love

To you, dear mother mine,

To tell you that I'll always

be your loving Valentine.

Louise L."

Phyllis Bishop and Danny Lawson wedding at North Canton Baptist Church, 1972

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