History Cherokee is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation and sharing of Cherokee County history. But, what does that mean and why is it important?

History Cherokee collects Cherokee County history through the ownership of items and artifacts. We provide the care and resources to preserve these historical items through time. We help preserve this knowledge and then we share it with the public through the Cherokee County History Center, Rock Barn event venue, Research Library, educational programming, and more. So, how do we accomplish this mission?

  1. We own and operate the Cherokee County History Center. The History Center is a top attraction, educational resource, and cultural epicenter of Cherokee County. The museum is host to 5 permanent galleries, 1 rotating gallery, a Research Library, outdoor exhibits, and classroom dedicated to community education. We offer programming for all ages. In addition to this, the History Center serves as headquarters for History Cherokee. This is where we house all of our collections with over 100,000 artifacts.
  2. We own and operate the Historic Rock Barn venue. The Rock Barn is a Canton community staple and historic property that needs careful attention to preserve its historical integrity. History Cherokee takes care of the Rock Barn while making it a usable and well-loved community landmark. The Barn is available as an event venue. All proceeds from event rentals go back into the nonprofit to help preserve the Barn itself and the rest of Cherokee County history under History Cherokee’s care.
  3. We serve as preservation advocates and preservation consultants to those who need it. We have staff trained and dedicated to preservation work from photographs, documents, items, and buildings. We aim to serve as a resource for private individuals and entities who are looking for support in preserving their properties and possessions.

History Cherokee’s mission is important so that we can inspire our audience to become engaged and empathetic citizens in our community and cultivate a love of learning about our shared past. We can’t do this alone. As mentioned above, we are a nonprofit. This means we rely on donor and member support to help us drive the mission forward. To learn how you can support, click here.